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Home of Marine Injectors, a stocking warehouse for a complete line of marine fuel injectors. We take pride in our complete line of OEM marine fuel injectors for every marine application. We want to be your "go to" source for all marine and seagoing industry fuel injectors. We can clean, and factory match your fuel injectors in 72 hours, sell new injectors for your marine application, or save both time and cost by using remanufactured fuel injectors that are matched for optimum performance.
Click here for more information. Click on the brand of your motor for more for available fuel injectors. We have over 15,000 different marine fuel injectors for your system click on your motor manufacturer to find your marine fuel injectors today.

Our industry leading reconditioned, and OEM marine fuel injectors are available to ship 7 days a week. To contact us call during business hours listed here or fill out the form while at work.
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Marine Injectors, has sold tens of thousands of reconditioned and OEM marine fuel injectors in its relatively short time in the marketplace. As a public service, we provide the information and links to some of our competitors websites on our site by choice. We choose to make this marketplace better for us all, but do appreciate when you buy your marine fuel injectors from marineinejectors.com.
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Highest Grade Marine Fuel Injectors:
Marine Injectors, your marine OEM fuel injector source, provides top of the line reconditioned units ready for installation to restore your vessel back to OEM standards
click here for more about our marine fuel injector processes.

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